Understanding Cryptologic Blackjack

Atlantic City Blackjack from Cryptologic is one of the most widely played blackjack games ever developed, and it is surprising to know that it is often as animated as online casino slots. A few simple blackjack tips can help players better understand the different options and variations that Cryptologic provides.

Insurance Bet Options

Some of the best blackjack tips ever given have to do with whether or not to take insurance bets, and Cryptologic provides players with all of the options they need to make this decision efficiently. In the settings menu, players can choose to always decline insurance, always buy insurance, or always have insurance offered to them. One of the most widely understood online blackjack tips is that players should almost never buy insurance; most players should select the 'always decline insurance' option. However, experienced players may choose to take an insurance bet in certain instances, so they may choose the 'always offer insurance' option.

Player Warnings

There are casino blackjack tips that advise players to always use a blackjack strategy chart--a list of possible card combinations, the odds associated with them, and whether to hit, stand, split or double down. Cryptologic blackjack makes short work of these blackjack tips by giving players warnings when certain things occur. For instance, many players choose to never hit on a hand of 17 or higher, so when a player has a hand of 17 or more and clicks 'hit', a warning message pops up to confirm the player action. This is also true for players who choose to stand on 11 or lower or double down on a 12 or higher. Players will ultimately have the final say in their actions, however.

Cryptologic blackjack gives its online casino patrons several great ways to enjoy the game. Understanding basic blackjack tips and the options that Cryptologic makes available to its players are great ways to start the game off on the right foot.