Casino games have always been popular among the rich class people. From early times, people have adopted this as a lavish way to spend time. Whenever a discussion comes on casino games, blackjack always comes at a high rank on the list. This game has been entertaining people since old times and now is one of the most popular casino games.

Also familiar as twenty one (21), this game was earlier famous in France and Spain. When this game was introduced in the United States, the players were then offered a bonus of 10-1 payouts which later vanished, but the game held its position tighter. Blackjack involves a lot of strategies along with luck. The game played in several versions but overall the basic thing is that the player has to reach closer to twenty one without going beyond that sum.

Blackjack can be started with 1,2,4,6 or 8 card decks, but traditionally a six-deck game is preferred. At the beginning of the game bets are placed. Then the sum of the dealt cards is calculated to check if they can attain the value of 21 or reach to the nearest of it. Here only lies the expertise of the player as he has to choose another two cards to be dealt and he has to take care that this card takes him nearer to the winning point that is 21.

In blackjack, several other conditions like hit, stand, surrender, split pairs etc arise which a player should properly know before entering the game. The rules of this game are not complicated at all and its classic features have made it a favorite of people. Blackjack is a perfect blend of skill, fortune and recreation.